DeMontford Bell

Demontford Bell uses its global network of contacts to provide holistic solutions in the financial services industry. These services are listed above and include all matters related to the intelligent, legal and compliant minimisation of tax through international financial planning.

What do we do? 
By acting as an interface with local providers across the world we assure a high level of professionalism and provide a clear and comprehensive fees structure in advance, avoiding hidden charges and unexpected costs in the future. Demontford Bell ensures a single point of contact, realistic time-scales and a one-stop shop for all your financial service requirements. Our experts handle your enquiries, provide free assistance and undertake research on your behalf before engaging local providers. You can talk to us by email, telephone, Skype or LiveChat and we guarantee a reply within twelve hours to any message or email sent to us.

How does it work?
Due to the volume of work we introduce to local providers we are offered rates which would not be available to clients directly which means that we can do all the above and in most cases still offer the lowest prices around. Where we include our Best Price Guarantee we are so confident that our rates cannot be beaten that if you can find any genuine like-for-like quotation which is cheaper we will match it. In most cases clients prefer to pay fees to us and we disburse to local providers however direct payment to the service provider is also possible if prefered. Depending on the client’s needs we will identify the most appropriate local providers from our extensive network of partners. For reputational reasons we will not disclose the identity of our local partners until we have been engaged.

Contact Us
Most users take advantage of our LiveChat or Skype Chat to get in touch directly and explain their position. In most cases we are able to suggest a product which provides some benefit (such as a reduction in tax). All our conversations can be conducted anonymously and we do not keep chat records. If you prefer to speak on the phone you can call our London office and we guarantee that where we do not take a call immediately we call back within twenty-four hours. We do not use automated telephone systems, we never cold call and we do not record calls.