Cancellation/Refund Policy

If you change your mind about our services you are entitled to a refund provided that the company has not be formed, or the work otherwise undertaken (as applicable). If work has already been undertaken then no refund will be provided. In almost all cases work will be completed within a few days of placing an order which means that a request for a refund should be made promptly by email either to or to your business development agent as quickly as possible.

In all cases the maximum period during which you may claim a refund is 30 days after you make payment. If this period has elapsed then you will not be entitled to any refund however you will be entitled to credit with the local agent in the country where your work was to be undertaken in an amount equal to any work not yet completed. In some circumstances it may be possible to transfer this credit to another service or territory by arrangement with the local agent. 

In no circumstances will DeMontford Bell refund the portion of its fees which represents its commission. 

Please ensure that you provide the order number or some other means of identification on the request for refund. All refunds are paid net of bank charges, gateway, and any handling charges (this amount will not exceed EUR 50 and will usually be much less). Refunds will be processed as soon as they are requested and will usually clear within a few working days.