Terms and Conditions

DB Partners Limited (under the trading name DeMontford Bell) has established relationships with service providers around the world whereby clients it introduces pay substantially reduced fees (compared with the fees they would pay if they approached these service providers directly). This reduction from published fees is granted based on the volume of business introduced by DeMontford Bell.  DeMontford Bell makes its revenue from receiving a small commission for the initial referral of clients. In many cases DeMontford Bell acts as an interface with several service providers (to provide a one-stop-shop solution) and in such cases it may receive small commissions from some, any or all of them. In all case DeMontford Bell will not reveal the identity of its preferred service providers until a sale has closed as this is a condition of our standard reduced fee arrangement with them.

Terms And Conditions

  1. DeMontford Bell works with a number of international providers across various legal systems and in the provision of various products. The following terms and conditions may be seen as standard though they will be replaced in part or in their entirety by any express agreement with contradicts the below whether signed with DB Partners or its local partners.
  2. DB Partners may provide the Client with any of all services listed in our website or as agreed with the Client or any other services which may be ancillary or conducive to the foregoing whether directly or via third parties: Said services to be provided to the Client by DB Partners are hereinafter referred to as the services (“the Services”) and will be provided according to the terms of this document specified below.
  3. Subject to subsections of this article, DB Partners shall give due consideration to all legitimate communications of the Client at all times when acting under the terms of this Agreement. Provided that:
    The Client undertakes to give DB Partners only such instructions as are lawful. DB Partners shall not be bound to follow instructions when such instructions are illegal or ultra vires.
    DB Partners will give consideration to instructions from the Client in writing as well as by facsimile, e-mail and/or telephone.  The Client relieves DB Partners fully of any and all consequences resulting from the use of facsimile, e-mail and/or telephone or any other means of telecommunication, but particularly those arising out of errors of transmission or understanding.
  4.  If instructions are requested by DB Partners and no lawful instructions have been received by DB Partners within four weeks, or where the urgency of the matter requires within such lesser period as may be stated in the request, DB Partners may immediately take any action it feels is appropriate including but not limited to:
    (a)take no further action on a particular matter,
    (b)take no further action at all in relation to the Company of the Client.
    (c)effect a resignation of all or any of the director/s or of the secretary of the Company;
    (d)put the Company into liquidation  or cause the Company to be struck off the Registry of Company.
  5. The Client shall at all times hereinafter indemnify and keep indemnified DB Partners and the employees thereof against all actions, suits, proceedings, claims, demands, costs, fines, expenses and liabilities whatsoever which may arise or occur or be taken, commenced, made or sought from or against DB Partners in connection with or arising from the Services save for any fraudulent or grossly negligent act or omission on the part of the DB Partners or its employees.
  6. In order to enable DB Partners to carry out its obligations in accordance with the rules and regulations required by international law, the Client shall where applicable be obliged to disclose to DB Partners all information that DB Partners may request concerning the business, activities and assets of the Company.
  7. In the pursuit of his functions DB Partners shall have, where applicable, free and uninterrupted access to the registered office of the Company or to the place from where the Client is carrying out its activities.  DB Partners shall also have unrestricted access to all the bank statements, company documents, invoices and correspondence for so long as it maintains an involvement in the operation of said company.
  8. The Client confirms that the duties and obligations incumbent upon DB Partners and employees have been duly explained by DB Partners and that the Client is fully aware of said duties and obligations, in particular the obligation to bring to the attention of the any competent Authority any change in circumstances which would render inapplicable the exemptions granted or any tax or duty otherwise payable. 
  9. The Client agrees and confirms that any such disclosure by DB Partners pursuant to the provisions of the above shall not in any way be in breach of the provisions of the professional secretary as may be amended from time to time.
  10. The Client is also aware that files might be inspected on a random basis by the competent authorities during compliance visits.
  11. In remuneration for the SERVICES to be provided by the DB Partners, the Client will pay DB Partners such fees as agreed from time to time.
  12. The Client guarantees the due payment and reimbursement to DB Partners of all fees, disbursements, fines and expenses incurred in connection with the SERVICES.  To this end the Client will maintain the Company in sufficient funds to honour its liabilities as and when they become due.
  13. DB Partners undertakes to inform the Client beforehand within a reasonable time, on the amount and forms of payment of taxes due by the Company.
  14. DB Partners reserves the right to terminate this Agreement unilater­ally and immediately if any Representation is incorrect, or if an undertaking therein is not complied with at any time, or if there is a breach by the Client of the provisions of this Agreement or of any other obligation undertaken by him, or if the Client is in breach of any provisions of law, or if the Company and/or its directors are in breach of law.
  15. The Client expressly acknowledges that in the case of such unilateral termination by DB Partners, shall not be liable for any sums to the Client whether by way of damages, costs, fines or otherwise, and where applicable the Client expressly authorises DB Partners in such cases to transfer the Property to the Client in his own name and to file the appropriate documents at the Registry of Company giving notice of the transfer of the Property to the Client.
  16.  The Client also expressly authorises DB Partners, where applicable, to divulge the name of the Client to the relevant regulatory and other authorities if this disclosure is necessary in terms of law.
  17. DB Partners shall immediately inform the Client in writing of its decision to terminate the provisions hereof.
  18. The Client has at any time the right to terminate the Agreement with DB Partners provided that DB Partners is given one months notice in writing of the Client’s intention to terminate.
  19. All legal relations disputes and all other matters relating to the interpretation and execution of this Agreement shall be exclusively governed by the laws in force in in the jurisdiction of service and failing this the courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction for all matters arising therefrom. Both parties agree to arbitration.
  20. Data held by DB Partners may be processed in terms of the Data Protection Act.
  21. For information concerning refunds please see our refund and cancellation policy.
  22. For information about privacy please see our privacy policy.
  23. As stated elsewhere he contents of this website along with all other information provided by Demontford Bell , DB Partners Limited or its agents in whatever form does not constitute advice.